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So I’ve been playing around with wpfe, and here’s a little sample I threw together to demonstrate the ability to use templating, and also to dynamically repostion items on your screen based on size and scale.

Couple notes.

For this sample, I am simply querying Flickr to get a set of recently uploaded photo’s to display. You could easily point to your own flickr site, grab stuff from an Amazon web service, or completely change the template that’s being loaded and display whatever you want.

You’ll notice that I’ve had to put in a bit of a hack elegant workaround when using the downloader as attempting to download the photos pointing directly at the Flickr location. So all I did is create a handler that takes a url as a querystring parameter, then read the bytes from the stream and pump them straight out. So until I figure out why I can’t point directly to the image location, the workaround will have to suffice.

If I didn’t use the downloader, the app was hanging when the items were first loaded, as it was waiting for the images to resolve before continuing with the rendering and processing of the page.

Anyway, here’s the source code if you’re curious.

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