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February 20th, 2009

So the other day somebody told me that when they used flash, there was a flash version of the color picker that you could use to let users pick their own color palet. I thought that would be a good idea to implement, so went searching for one done in Silverlight. I saw one that you could use… but it wasn’t as easy or pretty as I wanted. Now I’m not a designer, so when I say pretty, I usually have pretty low standards.

Anyway, I threw this little sample together where I took the design of the blend color picker and implemented it in Silverlight. I’m not doing any true color sampling here, just doing the math to determine which color was chosen.

Take a look, and if anybody can improve on it, or use it, then feel free.

Color Picker

The code is here.
The running sample is here.

So I’ve been playing around with wpfe, and here’s a little sample I threw together to demonstrate the ability to use templating, and also to dynamically repostion items on your screen based on size and scale.

Couple notes.

For this sample, I am simply querying Flickr to get a set of recently uploaded photo’s to display. You could easily point to your own flickr site, grab stuff from an Amazon web service, or completely change the template that’s being loaded and display whatever you want.

You’ll notice that I’ve had to put in a bit of a hack elegant workaround when using the downloader as attempting to download the photos pointing directly at the Flickr location. So all I did is create a handler that takes a url as a querystring parameter, then read the bytes from the stream and pump them straight out. So until I figure out why I can’t point directly to the image location, the workaround will have to suffice.

If I didn’t use the downloader, the app was hanging when the items were first loaded, as it was waiting for the images to resolve before continuing with the rendering and processing of the page.

Anyway, here’s the source code if you’re curious.

Rock Paper Scissors Source

March 28th, 2007

Here’s the source for the Rock Paper Scissors app I posted a couple weeks ago. It’s been a bit busy around my house lately with the new baby on the way, and a remodel in progress. Odd how many projects my wife can think of for me to finish up in the last month and a half of pregnancy :)

Anyway, here’s a couple different options for you.

This one has all the wmv files included (57MB)
This one has all the code, but no media included (41KB)

I’ve been working on another sample that I’m hoping to complete and post this weekend, so check back soon.

So a few weeks ago, I started working on this little app as a way for me to start testing out what was available in WPF/E. It’s my take on the traditional rock/paper/scissors game that everyone learned when they were a kid. At some point I want to go back through and clean up some of the code, but for the time being, I don’t have a ton of time to put into a game. You’ll have to excuse the cheesy video clips as I was in a goofy mood the day I filmed:)

Rock Paper Scissors

This was a really fun app to put together to learn what WPF/E is capable of. I have to say, I’m having some fun playing with it, and I have a few more apps that I’ll be working on over the next few weeks. I’ll be releasing a number of things internal to 2 Degrees Consulting as I’ve gotten the go ahead to create some fun stuff for internal consumption on the CTP version of WPF/E with an eye towards the future. So, as I get going I’ll try to continue posting some simple samples and thoughts on what I find possible, useful, or in need of more thought.


Hello world!

March 9th, 2007

Well, it seems I’m about to finally enter the blogging world.  ‘Bout time I guess as I’ve had it on my list of “Things I should do someday”. I’ve been working with .Net, primarily in the web presentation side of things, since it was in beta and have come across things in my travels that I thought others might benefit from… Alas, damn the lack of motivation to go out and do the extra work to share helpful tips with those who could use them. Until now!

Lately I’ve been playing with WPF/E, and throwing together some samples as I see and learn new things.  Stay tuned over the next couple weeks as I put up some of the sample apps I’ve been playing with. Thanks to my employer 2 Degrees Consulting for giving me the go ahead to post stuff for the community.